Vol. 1

Wild Tongue celebrates intersectional feminist voices and is an opportunity to critique mainstream corporate feminism. Women writers are becoming increasingly popular, regularly topping best sellers lists. And in Australia the Stella Prize is creating new opportunities and exposure for female writers. But what about women on the margins? Black, queer, intersectional and underrepresented women who refuse to conform to conventional norms. Wild Tongue attempts to address these imbalances.

Wild Tongue Vol 1 features writings and artwork by Tanveer Ahmed, Tania Cañas, Adriano Bito, Marisa Cornejo, Joanna Couvée, Dawn Iris Dangkomen, Nimini Fernando, Eleanor Jackson, Kaytsen Jama, Azja Kulpińska, Lian Low, Hope Mathumbu, Margaret Mayhew, Nicole Monks, Shauna Osborne, Kylie Supski, Sangeetha Thanapal, Vicky Tran, Sophie Utikal and Sista Zai Zanda.

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